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NOW AVAILABLE! - scanning services for your 35mm film and slides on high resolution film scanner!
See more of our work below. Contact us with questions or for your custom needs! We'll be happy to work with you on your project.

Photography :

Photo Scanning Services (35mm):

Have your old 35mm slides and negatives still around? Would you like to preserve them and have them readily accessible to use online and print? We offer high resolution scanning with a Nikon Coolscan 5000 film scanner at reasonable prices.
Sample images scanned from 40 year old slides (and an even older car!).
Scanned at 4000dpi, 8bit, 1x (single pass), with Digital ICE and GEM processing.
antique car ice skating
Sample images scanned from 30 year old negatives. Scanned at 4000dpi, 8bit, 1x (single pass).
Lighthouse used Digital ICE and GEM processing. Others used Digital ICE only.
lighthouse shipwreck gloucester

Scans of 35mm negatives (strips of 2-6 frames) or 35mm slides (with mounts 1.0-3.2mm thick, 49-50.8mm wide). Contact us for other configurations.
Scans available at 2000-4000 dpi optical resolution based on your intended use.

All (color) scans done with Digital ICE (removes dirt and scratches).
(Digital ICE technology does not work with black and white film. Black and White film/slides will be cleaned/scanned without ICE.)
Additional processing to restore faded colors (Digital ROC) and remove 'graininess' (Digital GEM) available.
Not sure which options you want? We'll process two of your images with a range of options to help you select!

Images provided in JPG, TIFF, or NEF (Nikon RAW) formats. Delivery options depend on number of images and filesize.
(TIFF and RAW filesizes can get very large at high DPI and 16 bit).

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