Published Photos:

fm cover fm cover fm cover
Flying Models Magazine, 
Newton, NJ
March 2014:
Cover Photo!
23rd Annual Skymasters Midwest Regional Float Fly - Article and Photos

February 2014:
Cover Photo!
NEAT Fair 2013 - Article and Photos

February 2013:
22nd Annual Skymasters Midwest Regional Float Fly - Article and Photos

January 2013:
Neat Fair - Flight Photos

January 2012:
Cover Photo!
NEAT Fair 2011 - Flight photos

February 2011:
Cover Photo!
NEAT Fair 2010 - Flight and static photos

December 2010:
Kit Review Retro R/C eMoth - Article and Photos

November 2010:
Cover Photo!
Waco YMF-5 Feature - Flight Photos

May 2010:
Cover Photo!
Wendell-Williams Model 44 Feature - Flight Photos

February 2010:
Cover Photo!
19th Annual Skymasters Midwest Regional Float Fly - Article and Photos

January 2010:
Neat Fair - Flight Photos

fm cover        fm cover        fm cover        fm cover       

Published by Maplegate Media Group, 
Ridgefield, CT
January 2012:
SNAPSHOT Feature - Maule Rockets Photo

August 2010:
SNAPSHOT Feature - 22% Lake Buccaneer Photo

March 2006:
Flight Report - Hobby Lobby Messerschmitt BF 100 Twin Flight Photos

April 2005:
Flight Report - Hobby Lobby P-38 Lightning Flight Photos

ma cover
Model Aviation Magazine, 
Muncie, IN
January 2012:
Gloster Meteor Feature - Flight Photo

April 2007:
Cover Photo!
A Tuskegee Airman Flies Again!


Published by Maplegate Media Group, 
Ridgefield, CT
Volume 5 Winter 2010:
Skymaster's First Annual Heli Fun Fly Photos

rcr cover
R/C Report Magazine, 
Huntsville, AL
June 2006:
Cover Photo!
Product Test Report - Kondor Model Products DeHavilland Beaver Flight Photos


Published by Kiona Publishing, Inc, 
West Richland, WA
March 2006:
Hop Up: True Glow Conversions
Travel Air Flight Photos

A monthly publication dedicated to 
Radio Control Modeling. 
Published by R/C Modeler Corp, 
Sierra Madre, CA
Unfortunately RCM ceased publication in 2005...
The next two cover photos were to be my photos! (one pictured below!)

rcm cover rcm cover

October 2004:
Kit Review - Razzle 3-D ARF Flight Photos

August 2004:
Skymasters 2003 Midwest Regional Float Fly

March 2004:
Kit Review - Sig Rascal 100 Flight Photos

August 2003:
Skymasters 2002 Midwest Regional Float Fly
Kit Review - Vertical RC Cap 232 Flight Photos

June 2003:
Kit Review - Starjet EP Flight Photos

March 2003:
Kit Review - Magic Flight Photos
Kit Review - Voodoo Flight Photos

August 2002:
Kit Review - Hawk Flight Photos
Kit Review - Viper Twin Flight Photos

July 2002:
Kit Review - Electrajet EP Flight Photos

June 2002:
Kit Review - Pizazz ARF Flight Photos

Xxxx 2001:
Skymasters 2000 Midwest Regional Float Fly

August 2000:
Skymasters 1999 Midwest Regional Float Fly

August 1999:
Cover Photo!
Skymasters 1998 Midwest Regional Float Fly

September 1998:
Skymasters 1997 Midwest Regional Float Fly

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